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New items for spring and summer 2023!!!

These are great class winners awards.
 They come in two sizes 7x10"  and  8x12"
The are great hanging awards
8x12"  And  9x14"

New banner with fringe!
Can have the board on top any color or natural.  Pick from color as turquoise, black,
natural, green for 4-H, and more.
We have canisters and bowl for cooking class or rabbit class
Check out their page  Home items
We have tumblers in all sizes and colors.  Even sippy cups! check out their page Tumblers  

Check out the pet bowls and the dog coolars on the
 dog page

Galvanized 4 compartment caddy with wood divider
This caddy has 4 compartments with a wood handle and divider.  Engraved leather style plate on front.
Galvanized Sign with leather style plate engraved

Galvanized Tray with leather style plate
Galvanized box with wood handles.
This box has a grate style bottom.

Wooden basket/box with 2 handles
This basket style box has 2 moveable handles and an engrave plate on the front.

Galvanized 2 compartment caddy with wood handle
This caddy has 2 compartments with a wood handle.  Engraved leather style plate on front.

Wood Barn Bookends
This award consists of a piece of wood engraved with your information with bookends that are a barn!  This unique award can be upgraded to an acrylic plate or a faux leather type plate!!.  Available in 2 standard sizes or a custom size if you like.


Slat Wood Long Boxes
Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors!  10.5x5.25x4 and 12.5x5.35x5.78    Whitewash, Patina and Redwash
These can have any of the silhouettes and a faux leather engraved plate.


L frame
Leatherette Frame
This leatherette frame has fancy corners and a western plate with small conchos and crystal centers.  The plate can be made slightly larger for more wording.  These are available in a couple sizes.  This one in the photo holds a 4x6 photo.  Great award or gift!


4 Pane Window/cork Award
These 4 pane windows have a a cork board on each end and a place for 2 photos.  They also have a faux leather engraved plate.
You can upgrade this with the accent corners in the bottom photo.


Chicken wire Chalkboard
The chicken wire has a lot of room for photos, notes and anything else you want to hang on it.  Then you can write messages on the chalkboard!  These come in the Patina, whitewash and redwash colors!


Faux Leather banners
These small award banners are great for class winners, or somewhere for tight budgets. They are 8x12".

This faux leather placemat is 12x17".  It can be lasered with your customize brand, show info, family name, etc.'

leather tray
Snap Corner Tray
This leather tray is 6x6 made of a faux leather.  It snaps in the corners giving it a unique look.  It can be lasered on the bottom with your custom information.




Faux Leather 3 ring binder
10 1/2 x 11 1/2" binder equipped with 1" slant D binder clips.  Available in rawhide (photo above), blue, teal and grey.


New Style Bamboo cutting boards
These bamboo cutting boards come in 3 sizes.  11x9, 13 3/4 x 11 and 17 3/4 x 11 3/4"  They have a small circle handle in the top corner.


New Style bamboo handle cutting boards
These bamboo cutting boards have a handle.  Can be engraved sideways like above or handle on top.  Come in 4 sizes, 9 x 6, 11 x 7 3/4, 13 x 9, 15 x 10 1/4".


Just need a custom cut and engraved shape for an award?  Call us, email and let us know.  We will see if we can design something for you!  


Items added 2019

This is our chicken wire frame.  Size is 9.5x11.5.  Also available in a 12x12 size.

 These can be blank so you can add the clips and whatever you want, like we did with the photo.  Or we can sell it with the Animal cutout in the center.  Your choice!

This is the 4 pane chicken wire frame.  It comes with the animal of your choice in the center, a leatherette plate engraved on the top and one on the bottom and the fancy accent corners.16x20

The chicken wire shadow box comes with the animal of your choice in the center or plain without the animal.  It has a leatherette plate on the top and bottom and our special accent corners. 12.25x12.25

This is our new buckle plaque.  It has real rowels and a cutout animal in the center of your choice.  Leatherette plates on the top and bottom give you room for your wording. Measures 9x12

long box 1 long box 2
This long box is cutout in the front with whatever animal you want!  Then the cutout is attached to the sides!  Great useable award or gift!  We can put your brand on these too!

diamond1 diamonddiamond 12-14
Our new Diamond award is several layers of wood with the wording customized for your event.  We can change the color of the background also.  This comes in several sizes to meet your budget.  It has a hanger on the back to hang this or you can add the stand that is shown in the other photos. Our Diamond Award can have this iron stand added for an additional fee if you would like to display it this way.  Make a very nice statement in the stand pictured here are the 12" and the 14" (The stand adds about 2 more inches to the size).

Block Layers block layer award side
These are  the new Block Layers.  They are available in 2 sizes 4x5 and 4x4.  The acrylic on the layered bottom is available with CH, 2019 or 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. for either award.   A simple award at a budget price.

The wooden box has a metal handle and measures 6x6x6.  Your choice of animal in the center and a plate engraved on the bottom.  Something we can use and looks pretty!  Try adding some of our colorful spatulas  and wooden utensils!

The new slat crate is a nice little crate with metal accents and an animal of your choice in the center.

 It has rope handles and leatherette plates engraved on the top and bottom.  It measures 11x8x8 tall. 

********************NOTE LIMITED SUPPLY AVAILABLE***********


Our red barn slat frame comes with a clip to put your papers, photo or keepsakes on.  Also a leatherette plate engrave.

 These are 12x10.75   Also available in the rustic turquoise coloring. Made in the USA.flag

The ear tags make a great award for participants or 1st place.  Can add a key chain or a string to hang with.  These leatherette tags are engraved with your info or brand!  .Made in the USA.The flag

Our ear tag earrings and necklace can have your brand!  We can add a silver or gold wire to the earrings if you want or you can add your favorite stud in the hole.  The necklace comes with your choice of gold or silver colored loop for you to put your necklace thru.  They are light weight and durable. Made in the USA.flag 


L clipboard
Leatherette Clipboard.  Engrave your info on the back and be able to see it while using the front!  These are available in several colors.  This is a great useable award or gift!


Sm bagmed. bagtote
Here is the new collection of flannel and faux leather!  The small bag (left) is 8"X6", The medium bag center is 11.75" x 8.5" with the faux leather being an outside  pocket  and then the tote is on the right and is 11" x 11.3".  All of these can be engraved on the patch or pocket.


This leatherette tray has a plate in the bottom of it that can be engraved!  Set it on edge and show it off!  Measures 12x16.
L. box
A nice little box for storing your keepsakes.  Can be engraved on the lid.  These lay flat and open up on top.  They do have a small finger hole to open them.  They are 4.75" x 4.75" x 1.375".


The LED award can be engraved with anything you like!  It lights up and changes colors or you can set it to stay on one color.  It has a remote and can be plugged in with the included usb cord.  Lights up nicely, hard to show in photos.  Great kids award!  It measures 4x7.5  standard Available in 2 size.


face brush engraved colors face brushes colored
Here are the new colors for the engraved face brushes!!!  Great participant award or gift.

This portfolio is canvas with the leatherette side piece for engraving. It has a place for your pen and comes with a pad.

dice1 dice outside
Rawhide Laserable Leatherette Card & Dice Set Size: 6 1/2"(L) x 3 3/4"(W

bamboo tumbler  
15 oz. Bamboo Stainless Steel Tumbler
Size: 6 3/4"(H) x 3"(W)
20 oz. Rawhide Laserable Leatherette Polar Camel Tumbler with Clear Lid  



Newer Items from 2017 and 2018


rustic plaque-sheep rustic plaque goat
These NEW rustic plaques can have any of our animals in the center and the engraved plates on the top and bottom.  We can make the plates wider to accommodate more wording  These rustic wood slates are real wood.

Made in the USA.flag


wood album These real walnut wood covers hold photo sheets.  The photo sheets are for three 4x6 photos.  You can add more or a different size of sheets when you get it home.  It has fancy silver tone corners and easy to use rings to add more sheets.

Available with any of our animals and engraved banners.

Made in the USA.flag


Chickenwire display

This display lets you use clothes pins to hang photos, ribbons or memorable items on the chicken wire.  You can also loop ribbons and other items on the slates  Banners can be made larger for more wording. Made with rustic colored real wood slates.

Made in the USA.flag



rustic photo display This rustic real wood plaque is great for clipping your photo or certificate to.  Comes with a clip ( not the one shown) for your item.

Made in the USA.flag

galv plate  Here is a new twist on a plaque.  This galvanized plate has a engraved plate inserted.  We can engrave your information on the plate.  These plaques have a hanger on the back to hang them in your office, barn, anywhere you want!   
G-plate-L  Here is the same plate with a leather looking plate.  your choice of plates in the center!  
Block-1 block2
Block Award
 This award has an antiqued finish to the wood. This is the small size.  Available in several sizes to fit your budget.
 We can put any of our designs on the acrylic and add the wording to the leather looking plate.   Need a trophy but want something different?  These fit that bill!

Wooden Barn Award    ***************** NEW

These wooden barns can have any animal or object placed in the center of the barn.

 We can also do these as Photo Frames!  This is a new product we are producing, let us help you design the perfect barn for your event!

Made in the USA.flag

fence magnet - boerfence magnet - steer Wooden fence animal magnets
NEW - these little wooden items are totally unique!  We designed them for a magnet on the back or you can hang it.  We can put any of out animals in the gate.  If you don't want the word "exhibitor" on top, no problem we can take it off or put the name of your fair, champion or anything else that fits.  These are several layers of wood.  The little sign swings back and forth when moved!  Great little gift for each exhibitor or for your ranch! These can also have the plate on the bottom for more wording.

Made in the USA.flag

fence 12
Wooden fence - 10" and 12" now available!!!
NEW - these wooden fence items can have any of our animals in the center.  They are totally unique!  We designed them for a magnet on the back smaller and now have made them bigger like our tributes.  They can be hung on the wall in your office, barn, home or anywhere you want to show this award..    We can do CHAMPION or RES. CHAMPION on the top or have it plain without that.  The sign above the animal swings.  Great unique award!  Won't see these anywhere else.  They are a Country Images original!

Made in the USA.flag


star corner sheep
star corner clover
star corner llama star corner buff

NEW**** Star Corner Silhouette Award

This framed award is a 3D wood cutout design.  We can color the animal in 1 or 2 colors as shown in the photos.  Many animals and designs to choose from.

Made in the USA.flag


NEW**** Star Corner Award

This framed award is a 3D wood cutout design with a layered center.  We can color the animal in 1 or 2 colors.  These 2 are similar, but different designs.

Made in the USA.flag



Some of the choice of the new Leather like material we can use to make you a badge!  The plastic back can have a pin or a magnet, your choice.

mouse pad1mouse pad2 Leather like mouse pad.  Available in several colors.

sm. bracbrac2brac-flat Leather like bracelets available in several colors.  These are the narrow choice with a snap closing

brac-widebrac wide-flat Lerather like bracelets available in several colors.  These are the wide choice with double snaps. 

basters spatula

These colorful items can be combined or sold separately.  Handles can be engraved.

Put these in a container and you have a colorful award for a cooking class!

11 3/4" Silicone Spatula with Bamboo Handle

11 3/4"  Silicone Baster Brush with Bamboo Handle

star trophy   
This Star metal award is just right for that extra award that you need just a little something for.  These are priced right.  We can add an engraved  plate on the bottom and engrave your logo or other information in the circle.

4 3/4" Antique Gold Metal Star Award with 2" Insert Holder

6 3/4" x 3 1/2" Rawhide  Leatherette Checkbook Cover
→ Size: 6 3/4"(L) x 3 1/2"(H

These leatherette material items are great for engraving and come in several colors.

This checkbook is ready to go to work for you! :)

journal  These leather looking journals are great for engraving your message, name, anything you would like to have on the front.

Available in many colors
5 1/4" x 8 1/4"  


book cover cover This is a leather looking book or bible cover. 2 sizes
6 1/2" x 8 3/4" with Snap Closure
8 3/4" x 11 with snap Closure

Available in many colors.

Great for a gift or an award.  Cover those special books in your life with these great looking items.



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