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Awards come in varies styles and types.

  From Standard plaques to trophies to unique and useful items. Most of our pages have useable award, please CHECK THEM ALL out for more awards!

For Trophies please click here.

For Acrylic Awards please click here. 


acrylic awardacrylic5 trunk 1

Acrylic Awards

The acrylic awards have many, many styles available .  Any of our tribute designs we can make into an acrylic circle award and we can make custom ones as the one on the right.  All acrylic circle award are available with rosewood (right) and Black (left) They are also available in 2 standard sizes and many custom sizes.  

Click here for MANY styles and options to choose from. 

Handmade Trunks

Made start to finish by us.  We can custom design one for your event, family or gift!  Who wouldn't love to receive on of these???  Leather and wood with metal accents and a engraved plate, all make a great chest for memories.


For more photos go to the TRUNK page, click here

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Wooden Barn Award    ***************** NEW

These wooden barns can have any animal or object placed in the center of the barn.

 We can also do these as Photo Frames!  This is a new product we are producing, let us help you design the perfect barn for your event!

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fence magnet - boerfence magnet - steer Fence photo 3x5fence frame  
Wooden fence animal magnets
NEW - these little wooden items are totally unique!  We designed them for a magnet on the back or you can hang it.  We can put any of out animals in the gate.  If you don't want the word "exhibitor" on top, no problem we can take it off or put the name of your fair, champion or anything else that fits.  These are several layers of wood.  The little sign swings back and forth when moved!  Great little gift for each exhibitor or for your ranch! These can also have the plate on the bottom for more wording.

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Wooden fence photo frame - 3x5 and 4x6
These are unique wood photo frames!  They hold a 3x5 or 4x6 photo.  They are design by use to hang and add your own photo.  If you want to change the word "exhibitor" to champion or something else, we can do that.  The little sign hanging swings back and forth when moved.  Great unique award or gift.

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fence-sheepfence-pigfence 12
Wooden fence - 10" and 12" now available!!!
NEW - these wooden fence items can have any of our animals in the center.  They are totally unique!  We designed them for a magnet on the back smaller and now have made them bigger like our tributes.  They can be hung on the wall in your office, barn, home or anywhere you want to show this award..    We can do CHAMPION or RES. CHAMPION on the top or have it plain without that.  The sign above the animal swings.  Great unique award!  Won't see these anywhere else.  They are a Country Images original!

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notepadportfolioportfolios-dognotebooks Wood diamond  
Leathertte Portfolio and other Items available

Click Link to page here....Home, Office, Etc
Bamboo Wood Diamond on iron base



  Horizon Awards

These are new items, solid walnut pillars, walnut base and horizon top with our circle award in the center.  Plenty of space for engraving under the animal in 2 locations.

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star corner sheep
star corner clover
star corner llama star corner buff

NEW**** Star Corner Silhouette Award

This framed award is a 3D wood cutout design.  We can color the animal in 1 or 2 colors as shown in the photos.

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NEW**** Star Corner Award

This framed award is a 3D wood cutout design with a layered center.  We can color the animal in 1 or 2 colors.  These 2 are similar, but different designs.

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Block Layers block layer award side
These are  the new Block Layers.  They are available in 2 sizes 4x5 and 4x4.  The acrylic on the layered bottom is available with CH, 2019 or 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. for either award.   A simple award at a budget price.

This is our new buckle plaque.  It has real rowels and a cutout animal in the center of your choice.  Leatherette plates on the top and bottom give you room for your wording. Measures 9x12

diamond1 diamonddiamond 12-14
Our new Diamond award is several layers of wood with the wording customized for your event.  We can change the color of the background also.  This comes in several sizes to meet your budget.  It has a hanger on the back to hang this or you can add the stand that is shown in the other photos. Our Diamond Award can have this iron stand added for an additional fee if you would like to display it this way.  Make a very nice statement in the stand pictured here are the 12" and the 14" (The stand adds about 2 more inches to the size).

horseshoe awardhorseshoe award2
Acrylic plate   ----- Wood and 2 toned Black/Gold plate

Gold colored shoes with a black and gold engraved plateDPI
Antique Gold plate with black horseshoesantque gold horseshoe
leather horseshoeLeather Plate
and black horseshoes

Double Standing Horseshoe Awards - 

These are great for horse show award, livestock award/events and western awards.  The plate in the horseshoe can be 2 color plate or wood. Also available with colored acrylic, acrylic mirror or leather for another look!! These are real horseshoes.  The horseshoe award with plastic or wood plate and engraving.  Leather or acrylic is an additional  charge.

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Horseshoe awards

The whole range of horseshoe awards available!

Single Hanging, horseshoe plaque, double standing, double standing on a single wood base and the double standing on a double wood base.

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double and single base


SingSingle Hanging Horseshoe Award.
 This horseshoe hangs on the wall instead of standing like the ones above.  The plates are available in the same options as above awards.
SingDouble Standing horseshoe award on single and double wood base.

bull mirror  mirror cutout

Award Mirrors

Mirrors make great awards!  This mirror can include years of service, appreciation, event information or anything else you would like engraved for your custom event.  The mirrors can be custom made with horses, logos, school mascots, photographs  and more!  Check out the mirror page for more mirror options and pricing. 

 Click here! Mirror Page

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Award Mirror with cutout and hooks

These are great awards or gifts.  Accented with black corners and 2 hooks for use with keys, leashes, hats or whatever you want.  The silhouette is a cutout that is in the frame.  These are not like our other mirrors which are engraved into the mirror.  These are available with many cutouts on the bottom or in a corner.

Check out our mirrors on the Mirror Pages.

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  box-co-horse headcutout box Cork board-horses-2cattle board
  New *** Cutout top boxes

These boxes have our circle designs cutout of the top, just like our tribute awards.  The boxes come in various sizes and can be custom made for your event.  The design can have the background behind(pictured here as blue) or we can leave it so you see thru into the inside of the box, your choice.
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Check out the box page for more information and here

Animal Shape Boards - Bulletin Boards

These are great for farm, ranch, school, awards, and more! 

Animal shape boards available in several different animals and designs.  Available in many sizes to fit your budget! Regular framed boards are available in different sizes.  Graphics can be engraved into the cork.  Pictured 11x14 cork board. 

Check this page out for more!

chalk board - dairychalk board - hen wooden logs
Chalk boards!

The new chalk boards can come in any of our animals in a few sizes.  The engraved plate makes it an award, but the chalkboard design makes it fun!

Click on this page for more info on our chalk and cork boards in the shape of animals!
Wooden Logs

These come in various sizes.  Some have magnets and others have hook for hanging. alder wood frame horseshoe plaque

Frames - Leatherette

Here is another great gift or award!

Click here for more information on frames

Frame Awards

How about a frame for an award, MANY to choose from! 

Resort frames to alder frames.

Click here for more information

Horseshoe Plaque

These solid wood plaques are engraved with your information.  We add a horseshoe for a western appeal.  The horseshoe can be plain, black, gold or another color if you prefer.  We can make these either portrait style as above or landscape style.   Available in many sizes and styles. 



Generic to custom we have got you covered for medals for your event.  Need school, club, event or fun medals, we can help. From low cost to the custom made.



   water plaque acrylic marble plaque car show award

Alderwood plaque - Other

We like to make unique designs and awards.  This was a custom job to match their brick sign.  This is spot on!  Let us make your unique award! 

Marble Acrylic plate on Acrylic Plaque

This above plaque is available in solid wood or a laminate wood plaque.  The marbled acrylic plate is engraved and the lettering is white.  The plates come in green marble or blue marble (above).  Plaque is 7"x9" and plate is 5"x7" . Item #PL-MA-w1 Several other sizes available. 

Car show Resins

These are resins that have a peg in the back so they can self stand, or you can hang these like a plaque.  Available in several styles.

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